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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two Quotes, Again!

As usual, I quote out of context, from two books I saw today evening at my usual browsing joint.

1. The unexpected...

"I am enough of a pagan to believe that a bit of paganism is good for body and soul"

- that was Jawaharlal Nehru in 'The Discovery of India'

My comment: "Ami obak!" (*)

2. ... and the egregious (thanks GRE!)

"(Those who join the IIMs do so because) they can solve Mathematical problems better than 99.9% of Indians"

- Chetan Bhagat in 'Two States'

My comment: It is a profound pity that from among those who can indeed solve Math problems better than that particular fraction of Indians, a goodly number do choose to go to those institutions(**).

(*) that was the last bit of a Bengali limerick I heard a generation ago. It goes somewhat like:

"shokale uthi dekhi
shoto shoto kaak.
*aak, ami obak!"

(beyond the power of translation)

(**) Quite a few folks were of the opinion that a fair bit of Chetan Bhagat's 'Five Point Someone' (especially, the prof-speech climax) was 'inspired' by 'Munnabhai MBBS'. And now, the maker of that very movie has taken 'Five...' and made yet another blockbuster. What would that make, a cycle of inspiration?

And here is a bit of dialog from '3 Idiots', mouthed by the hero himself: "Must say X is an ass - did Engineering, then Management, then went on to work for an American bank. Arrey, if the whole idea was simply to work for some bank, was he not an ass to have gone thru Engineering at all?"

And Chetan Bhagat (a solid B.Tech-MBA-banker himself) is said to have okayed the script of 'Idiots'!

Update (January 1st 2010): Chetan Bhagat and the makers of 3I are now engaged in a very public spat over the extent to which the movie is based on FPS (estimates of the being-based-fraction range from 2 percent to 70 percent depending on the estimater) and how the credit for the story should be divided between Chetan and the scriptwriters. Chetan now says he was never shown the full script, Aamir Khan accuses Chetan for trying to take away credit from a less famous person (screenwriter Abhijat Joshi) and says he and the producers will sue Chetan, who in turn says he is prepared for any legal action and so forth....


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