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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

'The Loop' - Published!

The latest on 'The Loop': it was released as a book a few months ago by Writers' Workshop, Kolkata.
The details are here:

Continuing some earlier posts on the work, I record some responses already generated by the book.
As for how it has sold, jump to the end of this post.


- "Quite a remarkable book. Read it fascinatedly in a single sitting. Great stuff!"

- "Very accurate in its recreation of modern corporate reality. It ought to be brought out as a low-cost edition so it could be used as a serious case-study in Business schools"

- "Awfully bad. A depressing, joyless story! As literature, it fails on every conceivable count - pretentious parodies of masterpieces, a slew of ham-fisted allusions, clunky dialog, irritatingly pedantic footnotes and above all, an overpowering stench of self-pity. The author evidently takes himself too seriously!"

- "A real double success - a truly humorous story on the one hand and a searing look at the perils and ups and downs of students in academia/younger people in the corporate world. Look forward to more!"

- "An amazingly articulate work! I approached it with a lot of apprehension but am now a fan, plain and simple! I need to congratulate not only the author but the publishers too, they have identified and backed a real talent."

- "A total dud, dead in water I would say. Sadly, you (the author) think the work is a masterpiece - it reminds me of how a she-monkey would cling to its dead child's carcass and won't let go! Well, it is not all bad, the book has a nice and pithy name. But that IS that!"

- "The story has got a real flow of its own - grips you tight and the pace never slackens till the end. I liked the unusual format too - it leaves so much for the reader to recreate, to ponder. Some serious talent!"

- "I enjoyed 'The Loop'; but it is not for everyone. Begins with a bang - the Hercules adventure, marvelously recreated. Then things meander through a rather banal contemporary story which really does not add much to the prologue -less is more, as they say! And it lacks drama - there are no exciting twists..."

- "It kept me wide awake till I finished. Amazing narration, no Olympian tragedies but banal, little 'Duhkhas' of day-to-day Human existence. For a serious spiritual seeker, there is plenty to contemplate in this work!"

- "I could not get beyond page 20. I hated the footnotes - they are so patronizing, like "Come, let me teach you what 'algorithm' means!" Get a life, people know more than you think they know!... And the first episode was a show of sickening masochism. Come, s***w me, types - Very Indian!"

- "Really lives up to the initial promise - even 'a story where nobody dies' call tell us one hell of a lot!"

- "The same old, boring story - the rat-race, the suffering. What's new?"

About the sales: The publisher informs me "perhaps a couple" of copies have been sold.
For Readers who might just want to know more, I can be reached at 'theloopauthoratgmaildotcom'.


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