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Saturday, December 08, 2007

'Lateral Thinking'

1.Here is a cricket puzzle circulating in the sms circuit:
One day match. 3 balls to go; 7 more runs to get. Two batsmen Rahul (on strike) and Sachin (runner) are 'in'. Both are on 94. The match is won and both batsmen get *unbeaten* hundreds. How is this possible?

Here is a 'lateral thinking' answer floating around:
The two were playing *different* matches. So, what is the problem??

And here is a rather straightforward *straight* answer, which anyone who knows his cricket can get:

- The first of the 3 remaining balls is bowled. Rahul has an almighty swing and connects. The ball goes for six. The scores are tied. But alas, he has pulled a muscle very badly and collapses in a heap; he can't even get up and celebrate his century, let alone face the next ball. Rahul helped out of the ground. A new batsman Sourav takes his place.

- The second ball bowled. Sourav pulls and top-edges. The keeper runs around to hold; Sourav is out; no run added, scores still tied. But while the ball was swirling in the air, the batsmen have crossed. Sachin is on strike, on 94. 1 run to win, 1 ball to go.

- The rest is simple. The last ball is overpitched on the legstump. Sachin (when was the last time he did such a thing?) flicks it high and it just about sails for six. That is that.

2. Another problem from IIT-JEE of around 1980: An anti-aircraft gun fires a volley of four shells in quick succession at an intruding enemy fighter. The first shell has a probability of 0.9 of finding the target, the second 0.8, the third 0.7 and the fourth, 0.6 to knock out the plane. What is the probability that the gun was able to hit the plane?

I will only give a *laterally thought* answer for this: "Zero!" The *gun* can never hit the plane, although the *shell* might!!"

This reminds me of another set of questions, maybe less serious(?) but requiring similarly lateral thinking to crack:

Q1: "What is a XXXX (let me leave this word blank for obvious reasons) throws a grenade at you?"
Answer: "Don't worry. (S)he won't have pulled out the pin!"

Q2: "But what if the XXXX pulls out the pin from a grenade and throws it at you?" Answer: "Again; don't worry. (S)he has thrown the pin!"


  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger Iceman said…

    yo nigga!

    Spare those poor B***** & S*****

    How ya been mate?

  • At 12:24 AM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…

    thanks iceman!

    yes, i did spare the poor entities you mention, by leaving those words blank. these politically incorrect jokes are unsuitable for the 'readable media' i feel.

    just got back from a trip to kerala. otherwise everything the way it was.



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