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Sunday, December 02, 2007

'Not A Minute More, Not A Minute Less'

Well, that has been the story of the Pune Marathon, for self, this year.

I had clocked approximately 65 minutes in the 10 km segment last year - approximately' because I had no watch and went by the timing of chaps who finished 'around' me. This year, I had an analog watch and it showed 65 minutes almost to the second. There is a bit of disappointment there; I was at the 7 kilometer mark at just over 40 minutes - the same pace maintained could have given a sub 60 minute timing; and *that* would have called for a few 'Planter's Punches' (as of now, my favorite drink). But then, the last few kilometers were painfully leaden footed and the final nearly 1 kilometer straight stretch, seemingly interminable - I just about ambled over the finish (I never *walked* though).

A very beefy Salman Khan and Sunil Gavaskar, all smiles, flagged us off and that was a solid shot of adrenalin (there were a few pretty faces as well, up there in the VIP box) but the rest of the event gave less of a high than it did last year. There were fewer spectators and flag-waving kids on the way and fewer bands playing 'inspirational' songs. And there was a discordant note as well - a smartly dressed man came across the road carrying a kid, halted a second on seeing me approach and then suddenly strode right across my path - and nearly knocked me over.


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