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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Rolling Stone

This is a dialog driven parable - from real life:

Master: "Have you heard the saying 'The rolling stone gathers no moss'. If one wants success, one ought to focus on the important things and not jump around and dabble in a zillion different areas!"

Student: "But Sir, the accumulation of moss is hardly a sign of success; rather it shows disuse, even decay. Moreover, as Pandit Nehru said in 'Letters to my Daughter', a rough stone gets polished into a smooth and shiny pebble by rolling on and on!"

Master:"Smart! but then, you need to know when to stop. Roll *too much* and you will crumble into an insignificant grain of sand. Beware of that!"

Student (several years later): "Guess I now understand, Sir!" (aside) "And yet, perhaps, the grain of sand can wait eternally for someone who will perceive the World in it - or maybe even think the World of it!"


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