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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back From Kerala

Am just back from a longish visit to Kerala. The weather there was consistently unpleasant and there was little local traveling. On the way back by train ('Purna express'), things were more interesting than was the norm for this trip.

- the night sky over north-central Kerala, at least as seen from the train, revealed a lot more stars than I am used to seeing.

- Pallikere is a small station in far north Kerala, on either side of which the train runs for about 2 kilometers along a beach with an uninterrupted view of the sea - to my knowledge that is the only such stretch between the Cape and Bombay. At one end of the beach stands the Bekal fort. It was early morning and partly cloudy and a full semi-circle of a rainbow ("full semi-circle"? Perhaps from an airplane, a rainbow might appear close to a full circle, a 'rainring'?)) painted up western sky; both ends of it touched the sea.

- At Karwar, there was a large river flowing into the sea in the distance and nearly a dozen Brahmini kites gliding around (never seen so many of them since a visit to Rameswaram a quarter of a century ago). A massive road bridge straddled the mouth of the river and a rather rough sea visible between its arches, the waves breaking on a rocky islet...

- The greenery of the ghat between Madgaon and Londa was immensely refreshing (especially after all those smoky tunnels) as was the daybreak today morning as we approached Pune.

Note: 'Purna Express' is the best name for a train in my knowledge - 'Purna' is apparently the Sanskrit(ized) name of the Periyar river in Kerala where it begins its run; better, the name combines the first and second syllables of the destination and origin respectively, 'Pune' and 'Ernakulam', in an interesting way.


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