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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Techie's Take

I had run out of postable material when a Certain Indian Techie provided an interesting take on certain far-eastern cultures. Over to him:

"Hong Kong is not as full of aura as Tokyo/Japan. In my personal experience,I found Tokyo quite hyped, while HK quite ... personable.

In Japan, every norm governing minutiae of daily existence (silence on the trains, silence in the houses, silence unless utterly impossible) is meant to stultify the human spirit, and destroy any sense of community. All relationships are formal and couched in protocol and predetermined expectations. Any art that comes out of Japan is surely out of repression, even if the artist claims otherwise. I have no doubt that the Japanese horror films are simply a natural consequence of their insular, neurotic way of life.

Yep, Japan is great for a tourist visit, to see in a detached way from a distance and to capture on film. But that is about it!

In contrast, you can actually live in HK, and feel each person ....It's like a modern form of India. You actually see grand parents with grand children, which is a near impossible sight in Tokyo. It's quite scenic, too, though much smaller than Japan. Definitely consider coming here if you get one of those good vacation deals! :-)"


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