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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Story Of A Rescue Operation

Let me narrate, from memory, one of the adventures of Naduvileppad Bhattathiri (sorry, the hero's name is a tongue twister - for non-Mallus!).

Koppat Aatti (another twister?!) was a woman of great beauty and an influential socialite - she was credited with 27 (!) husbands and many other 'friends', admirers, well-wishers....

Once she accidentally fell into the well in her backyard. The news spread rapidly, a large crowd collected and men began jumping into the well to save her. Naduvileppad Bhattathiri was passing by and asked what the commotion was about. An agitated man told him: "Aatti has fallen into the well!". Bhattathiri approached and looked into the well and it was full and choking with people...

When the rescuers had managed to pull Aatti out safe and sound, they heard a loud cry for help from the adjacent compound. A few ran there and saw Bhattathiri trapped in the well there and calling for help. They found a rope and managed to haul him out as well in one piece. One man asked: "Hey, I saw you among the crowd at Aatti's house. How come you happened to fall into THIS well?" Bhattathiri answered: "Yes. When I heard Aatti was in the well and saw people jumping in, I too was eager to join. But the crowd was too much; no room for me in the well. I found this well was empty so jumped in here instead!"

Note 1: Last weekend, I happened to read a few grisly political allegories by O.V.Vijayan - 'The Wart', 'The Phoetus'... This post is a tribute to the master, against the backdrop of some very recent political 'developments'.

Note 2: Naduvileppad Bhattathiri was an (in)famous practical joker and wit of 18th century Kerala (my dating based on circumstantial evidence), immortalized in Kottarathil Sankunni's magnum opus 'Aitihyamala'.


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    A WELL-timed remark!!!

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