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Monday, March 13, 2006

A 'Conversation'

Let me try to reconstruct an 'exchange' that I witnessed the other day in the 'browsing area' of a bookshop. I am not guilty of eavesdropping - the conversation took place in a public area and my own presence was as visible to the concerned parties as their talk was audible to self.

A certain chap [let me call him A] is seated, at the same table as I am, reading what looks like some pulp novel. A somewhat older person [let us say B] approaches A.

B [to A]: Hi, hello!

(A looks startled on seeing B)

B contines: well, ... (with a smile) How are you?... er.. *where* are you? [at this point, I start listening with more than the usual interest] Are you angry with us... still? ... Btw, what exactly is your name? I used to know someone who looks like you and used to work for our company ... actually there were two people who looked similar to each other, one of them being you, who used to work for us ... I am afraid, I forget; well, I remember a name, but it could very well belong to the other person, who resembles you, you know,.. what was your name?

(a tense pause; A finally articulates a name)

B: Ah yes, now I remember you! You were so dissatisfied... you know things have changed since those days? Are you still unhappy?

(B looks around and plants himself on a chair facing A. A seems uneasy but stays silent. B continues)

B: I understand, you know, the circumstances have changed.... even one month back, we were talking about you, and I remember mentioning to the director how good you are... (a woman drifts into the area) Ah, btw, this is my wife. We just came in here to see this shop, just to see how the place is, you know, and I saw you. (to the lady) you know .... [name] used to be with our company. He is very unhappy with us. I was just explaining to him you know; we used to rate him very high but unfortunately, he was angry with us and ...
(a pause; the lady drifts away, seemingly uninterested, after giving A a labored smile and a nod)..

B (continues): It has been a long time since I last saw you; seems it has been many years! How is your ... son.. or is it daughter... actually, how many children do you have.. do you have children.. yes, you are married, right? You were, when you were with us? Or did you get married then? Yes, I remember.....

(A gets up silently and walks away. B looks around, gets up and shuffles briskly towards his wife)


  • At 1:59 AM, Blogger Sumesh said…

    'A' definitely sounds like Loop.
    Or are there two people who sound similar to each other, one of them being Loop, who used to work for Banana Software?

  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…


    yes, the way B spoke (not A, guess it was a typo from you; A hardly spoke during the exchange) did resemble Loop of the old International Banana Company in a rather uncanny way!

    this is a strange, demon-haunted world!

  • At 3:16 AM, Blogger Random Vandamme said…

    The other day I saw that a C came across a rose-petal that stuck like a rose-thorn. That aroused my human curiosity. And the description of that scene closely fits with in the style of your description, albeit with a more positive perception. The fact is Loops and Roses co-exist in this world. More on this stinging encounter later.

  • At 3:55 AM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…


    a rose petal that stung like a thorn? well,... well!

  • At 7:12 AM, Blogger Myna said…

    Any Similarities To Real Events Are Unintentional?

    Lemme Guess! A surely does not have children yet.

  • At 7:31 AM, Blogger Myna said…

    More guesses:
    1. It was a holiday and probably afternoon. (Presence of working people with wives in public area - these people may not wake up early enough to be there in the mornings, a previous worker reading a pulp novel etc)

    2. B's wife would never be interested in these talks as they have come to that place for a different reason and more importantly, she knows her husband.

    3. B was born in either of these signs: Gemini or Pisces.

    If I am wrong, you take my prize money.

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…


    i am afraid i can't evaluate your guesswork.

    reason: i know nothing more about either A or B. well, actually, i know A's name (that was the only thing he said) but i can't reveal it - what if he actually were to read this?!;)

  • At 9:55 AM, Blogger Achinthya said…

    Hi ,
    Sounds like a piece from a post modern fiction. Really scary.Very beautifully narrated! What exactly went wrong with A?Or ws he trying to play a prank on B? I mean some kind of a bet or something?
    I feel sorry for B though A's situation was rather uncomfortable.

  • At 1:50 AM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…


    thanks for visiting.

    it is actually post modern reality well, a snapshot of reality - i just wrote out an actual conversation. i know neither 'concerned' party; and from what happened it was not (and is not) clear to self either as to what exactly was the problem (if any) between them... perhaps only they know; and well, maybe they too dont!


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