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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year!

Hello World,

Let me wish all readers of Anamika, all bloggers and all non-bloggers a great new year!

This is also, coincidentally the 50th post here. So, I am tempted to look back and reflect a bit. Here is a quick personal balance-sheet for the year that was:

1. Started this blog. Personally, it has been the biggest Development of the year - it enabled me to reestablish contacts with some old friends and to publish some of my notes and thoughts.
2. Continued searching for illuminations in Algorithms,Computational Geometry and sometimes Physics.
3. Started re-reading Feynman Lectures and began discovering an even greater work, perhaps the finest scientific work I have seen - Hilbert's 'Geometry and Imagination'.
4. Restarted 'Vipassana' meditation.
5. Moved house twice, both times within the same apartment block.
6. Finished exactly one work of fiction - 'Da Vinci Code'; no comments!
7. Now, the Surprise of the year: in early Decemeber, I found myself writing a *play*! It was partially serialized here and is now, in the finishing stages.

In 2006 I hope to continue on items 1, 2, 3 and 4 above (and hopefully complete a century of posts over the year), knock off about half a dozen kilos (which have been put on over the last couple of years) and to travel a bit more than in 2005. And hope to have better wine to mark the beginning of 2007 than I could get this time!

That is it. Take care and be well!


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