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Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Henry Ford Believes..."

"Henry Ford believes that even a machine needs rest.

"When asked why he favored short hours for workers, Henry Ford said that no good engineer will run even a machine at the limit of its power and speed for very long.

"It hurts the machine. It is NOT sentimentalism to take care of machines - or men. It is plain common sense and efficiency.

"Sleep recharges the batteries of energy. It repairs and keeps in working order the fine mechanism of the human body. When you are tired or run down, sound sleep winds you up for the succeeding day.

"It is good judgement and economy therefore to own and use the kind of BEDDING that will give you deep and restful sleep.

"Spare ten minutes tonight to get acquainted with the bed you sleep on. Then go to your furniture dealer and compare what you are using with the SIMMONS springs and mattresses he offers in a wide range of styles and prices.

"Weigh the facts and decide whether you are getting the energy-restoring rest your living machine needs - and can now enjoy at such moderate cost"


The above is the ad for Simmons "Beds, Mattresses and Springs (Built for Sleep)" from the August 1923 National Geographic Magazine.

Here in Pune, you sometimes find old and very old National Geographics at 'book fairs' which keep happening at the 'Institute of Engineers'. I am trying to collect them for their ads - and also occasionally enjoy the 'datedness' of their articles!


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