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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Our Masters and THE Masters

Presenting some works by Classical Masters and how they have been referenced by some Modern Desi Masters in uniquely innovative ways.

To begin with, here is Michelangelo's allegorical marble figure 'Dawn' (part of the Medici tombs) alonside our own Kanai Kunhuraman's colossal Sankhumukham Mermaid. Click on the picture for a larger image.

And here is Titian's voluptuous Venus as she emerges from the ocean wringing out water from her tresses and a rather more demure but no less alluring Desi 'wringer'.

The latter figure above is a photograph of Mrs. Bijoya Ray taken by her husband Satyajit. I sense a correspondence between this pair of paintings and the Majas by Goya.

And this post signs off with one more masterwork - 'Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer' by Rembrandt. A non-artits's humble hat doff to it is also visible elsewhere on this very page.


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