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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Irene, Herself and Me

This is a short episode from the distant past. I am not exactly practising my dialog writing

Background: Once upon time, I was a research student of Physics in (say) XYZ institute - and spent a few years there. Then I left that line and spent some time acquiring a Masters degree in Computer Science at (say) ABC university. At ABC, there was a Masters student of Physics by name (say) Irene. The following is an approximate transcript of our first conversation - we had just been introduced by a common friend at the Chai stall in the ABC campus. I had heard about Irene before - as a bright star of the ABC physics department.

Irene: I have heard about you, you were with XYZ Institute, right?

Self: Well, yes, long ago.

Irene: Long ago? So you must be quite old now, at least by CS Masters students standards...

Self: I think so!

Irene: Anyway, you know Guru (a bright senior research scholar of Physics - at Irene's department) from college days?

Self: Yeah, he was 2 years junior to me.

Irene: 2 years junior to you? Gosh, and he has already achieved so much, isn't it?

Self: Good for him!

(short pause)

Irene: Actually, I am considering whether to join XYZ institute of not for a Ph.D. What do you say?

Self: Well, I am perhaps not the right person.... it depends on your area of interest...

Irene: Susy and...(pauses)

Self: Susy?

Irene: Super-symmetry! Hey, it really seems you left Physics long ago.

(I try a silent smile)

Irene: My problem is that if I apply to XYZ, they will definitely select me, but I am not sure whether they have good work in my area of interest.

Self: Not sure... this Susy thing is particle physics and I myself was doing 'solid state'. So...

Irene: Ah, but then, why did you quit after so many years there?

Self: Well, .... I just figured out that I had learnt nothing much there so...

Irene: That is some achievement, I say! You know Descartes has said...

(short pause as Irene reflects)

Irene: Yes, Descartes; you know, he was a French philosopher! He has said: the greatest thing he figured out was that he knew nothing significant. In your own way, you can say, you too realized your ignorance!

(suddenly a guy, (say) Jake comes and calls Irene. She says, 'see you later!' to self and goes off; I get myself another Chai).


  • At 3:55 AM, Blogger Random Vandamme said…

    Her symetry was so super? No puns, please!

  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger R.Nandakumar said…

    well, vandamme, your guess is as good as mine!

    hope 'the woman' has done well for herself in academia.


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